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Our Story

Alamo Pictures is a leading European-based production company specializing in factual features, television and shorts about the US. Our passion lies in unearthing and supporting American stories; we champion exceptional storytellers who combine a deep connection to America with an authentic voice and a clear vision.

Our senior team is made up of born and bred Americans and European industry experts who have a deep affinity with the US, and Texas in particular. Our founder, Sebastian Saueborn, spent many happy years immersed in Texan culture, running a ranch and experiencing this most ‘American’ of places. Texas has a rich history, and its most famous site – The Alamo – serves as an inspiration for our name, and also stands as a good representation of our values.

The Alamo was one of the most impactful events in American history. We admire the values of dignity and freedom that courageous men like Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie displayed during the battle. And, learning more about the men who fought at The Alamo brings some interesting facts to light.

Did you know that over half the men at the Alamo were under the age of 30? Or that the brave troops included at least 26 men from European countries like Germany, Scotland, and England? The cosmopolitan nature of the men who fought at The Alamo mirrors our team.

But that’s not the only reason we chose Alamo as our name.

The famous 1960s film The Alamo, directed by and starring John Wayne, is an iconic film. It inspires us to stand up for what we believe in, with integrity and courage. As independent filmmakers, we believe in putting the story first, and honoring the ideals of truth and objectivity.

Our interest in and passion for American stories are shared by an enormous international audience who love to connect to factual stories, told well

Why Focus on American Stories?

Simply put, America has led the way in filmmaking since the Golden Age of Hollywood in the 1920s. Tapping into powerful themes that are universal – like the Heros Journey – especially since the end of the Second World War, has helped keep stories relatable and fresh for modern global audiences. This is particularly true for European audiences – across ten European nations, 51% say they follow news about America closely.

Within America itself there is a hugely diverse population; very few countries can claim to have such a wide range of racial, ethnic, cultural and religious groups as the US does. Their status as the world’s foremost economy – not to mention a colorful political landscape, to say the least – means the fascination with American stories continues to grow.

We love seeing this explosion in interest in the US at Alamo Pictures – and our position as ‘outsiders’ gives us an edge with our storytelling.

The Power of the Outsider Perspective

Although American-made movies, TV, and documentaries have undoubtedly dominated the cultural landscape of the last few decades, it has sometimes come at a cost. Cardboard cutout characters, and portraying lazy stereotypes can at times reduce America to caricatures on the global stage.

Being too close to your own culture and story can be a problem when it doesn’t allow you to see the story clearly. That’s where an outsider’s perspective comes into play.

Our status at Alamo Pictures of being connected and experienced in American culture, but having European backgrounds and sensibilities places us in a unique position when producing engaging documentaries.

Between us, we’ve worked, lived, run businesses and reported for media outlets both in America and across Europe. This gives us a varied perspective and ability to tell stories through a connected but impartial lens. And, we’ve chosen to focus our lens on the state of Texas.

A Texan Outlook On American Culture

Many of our stories originate in Texas – the quintessential American state. Though traditionally speaking, Los Angeles and New York are considered filmmaking centers in America, our choice to focus on Texas brings something unique to the table. Our deep ties to the area give us an edge when sourcing stories as well as financing, and a deep focus on one (albeit enormous) state allows us to dive deeper into storytelling while being cost-efficient.

The Lone Star State is perhaps one of the most varied and vibrant in America. From cowboys and country music to vibrant, cosmopolitan cities like Austin with its alternative vibe, Texas is a veritable melting pot of ideas and inspiration.

It is the true America, and like the nation itself is an endless treasure-trove of exceptional stories, waiting to be told.

“You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas”

– Davy Crockett

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