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5 Movies to See at Edinburgh Film Festival

Movie Festival in Edinburgh has a distinct honor of being the longest running film festival in the world and it’s turning 73 this year. During this time, a lot has changed in the movie industry, but the festival has remained relevant both for the industry and for the film maker community in Edinburgh. This year […]

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How Brexit Will Affect UK Film Industry

Brexit will affect every aspect of British public life and UK film industry is no exception. It’s still uncertain who will replace prime minister May and therefore how Brexit itself will unfold. However, the industry itself is preparing for the effects for years now. Even before the actually exit, the industry has felt the increase […]

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Tax Breaks for the UK Film Industries

UK government has a tax policy set to help the film industry. It’s done via a tax relief as is the best way for the governments to subsidies an industry without interfere in how the money will be spent or having too much influence on the content created by it. There are no budget limits […]

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7 Documentaries about US politics to Stream Right Now

Streaming services have made it possible for niche audiences to find the content they are looking for, regardless of how small the niche is. One of such niches is the politics buffs that can now binge movies about politics to satisfy every ideological side. These documentaries shed a light on American politics and provide meaningful […]

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