Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution (2017)

Benjamin Nolot’s Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution is an unflinching observation of today’s hook-up culture, largely contributed by a generation who has continued to be less conservative about their lifestyle.

At the start, the documentary claims that the popular media’s prominent display of sexualized content (regardless if mild or explicit) have been the major cause of the hypersexualized nature of our young adults, a strong point that can easily be dismissed as a very shallow excuse.

From here, Nolot started to document a spring break party, populated by college students who are taking a vacation from academics. When Nolot asked about their purpose in joining the party, their response started to lean towards getting as much sex as they can. This spring break party has built itself a new scary norm that encourages everyone to get laid to the person next to them. When a boy offered sexual intercourse to whoever interests him, rejection – in most cases – is not an option.

The partygoers of the documentary might have assumed that Liberated, during its filming, is a vlog documenting a spring break party. Many guys appeared to be happy knowing that they are recorded on video, flaunting their flirting skills to prove that they can easily get a girl to go to their hotel room. Another group of men, while partying, were shown to proudly initiating non-consensual gropes to a clueless woman.

With this, Liberated branches out as an expose on power relations between genders, about men’s longingness for masculinity and every women’s long battle with inequality. The more minute passes, the documentary becomes more conscious of how to present its topic.

Liberated is not an easy watch – it is disgusting, disturbing, and ultimately heartbreaking. However, endure its painful truths and you will find a reflective study of our generation.


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