Queen Rock Montreal (1982)

Queen Rock Montreal (1982)

British band Queen is inarguably one of the most influential rock bands of all time. With songs like Bohemian Rhapsody and Under Pressure that continue to influence artists today, their strength as musicians is undeniable.

There are many documented concerts of Queen’s, but few feel more intimate than their legendary 1981 performance at the Montreal Forum in Montreal, Quebec.  It is this show that we witness in the documentary film Queen Rock Montreal. It is purely a concert film–no clear narratives, interviews with the band or audience members. The songs rhythmically tie everything together, as one cohesive, musical canvas.

The song line-up begins with a quick rendition of We Will Rock You before switching to Let Me Entertain You, and ending with the band’s famous anthem We Are The Champions.

Throughout the concert, we see the band’s frontman and vocalist Freddie Mercury undressing in front of the audience one clothing piece at a time—as if the singer is opening a part of himself in each song. By the end of the concert, Mercury is only in his boxer shorts.

The Montreal Forum concert isn’t the definitive Queen concert, but it was certainly a great viewing, specifically for those not fondly familiar with the group. If you are looking for Queen at their peak, cheque out their 20-minute live AIDS gig circa 1985.