The Kingmaker (2019)

In The Kingmaker, Lauren Greenfield continues to delve deep in the theme of excess and its consequences by documenting Imelda Marcos, the First Lady to former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos.

Imelda, alongside her husband Ferdinand, has been notorious for corrupting millions of dollars in favor of an extravagant lifestyle over dealing with the actual grounded realities the Philippines have been gravely facing at the time. The documentary documents their family’s meteoric rise and downfall.

If you are aware of the historical overview of the Marcoses, The Kingmaker is not much of a contribution to the discussion. It was only able to touch bases with the fundamental, almost Wikipedia-esque, details of their cunning wrongdoings and altered facts.

However, the documentary is still superbly strapped together to the now. It lets you know that regardless of our continuous fight for the truth and justice, history will find a way to repeat itself. With the current regime of President Rodrigo Duterte, the Marcos family is slowly gaining their momentum back to the upper chairs.

At times eye-opening, The Kingmaker was a worthy follow-up to Greenfield’s The Queen of Versailles and Generation Wealth, two films that have explored the dangers of overindulgence. Here, she showed how the Marcos family can be the epitome of overindulgence, fueled by their continued fight for greater triumphs.

Early on the documentary, Imelda Marcos stressed that “perception is real, the truth is not.” Here is a dangerous face of our worst tendencies as bearers of news. One, who even at old age, will never stop championing her voice that tells what she deemed is right for her good.

The Kingmaker is an excellent observation of how we should approach our truths. It is a powerful protest that is extremely essential in our current times. A must-watch.


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