How You Can Continue To Experience Culture, Cuisine And More In London

How You Can Continue To Experience Culture, Cuisine And More In London

Published in Forbes on October 20th, 2020

The need for escapism is undeniable but instead of bingeing on Netflix shows, why not try listening to a famous author read from a new book, or order-in from a delightful restaurant you’ve always wanted to visit?


Bring the flavours, colours and energy of Latin America created by Coya direct to your home via the high-end delivery app Supper. Since opening its flagship in Mayfair back in 2012, Coya has expanded globally to six more locations around the world, including Dubai, Monaco, Paris and Mykonos—with each location offering the restaurant’s signature sharing plates inspired by traditional Peruvian cuisine. Specialising in Ceviche—marinated raw fish—and perfectly seasoned skewers of grilled meat and fish, the dishes translate easily to an at-home experience. And for the most celebratory New Year’s Eve feast at home, Coya has created a special menu designed to be finished at home, including Chilean Wagyu sirloin and grilled lobster served with yuzu butter and aji amarillo—the option to add caviar, of course.

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Factual America Podcast

We have a collective fascination for the backstory—how something came to be and why? And it’s these question that a new podcast called Factual America seeks to answer. Examining America through the lens of documentary filmmaking, guests include leading documentary filmmakers, as well as experts on the American experience. Recent episodes cover hot-button topics, such as factory farming, race and Big Pharma, to name but a few. The coverage and storytelling is both in-depth and well-researched throughout.

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