Ministers Hastily Dismiss New Electro-Based Addiction Therapy

Ministers Hastily Dismiss New Electro-Based Addiction Therapy

This article was published in The Sunday Post on February 14th, 2021. It mentions our film The Final Fix, directed by Norman Stone. The film concerns an alternative addiction treatment known as NED. 

An electronic addiction therapy could help ease Scotland’s drug crisis, but has been hastily dismissed by ministers.

Invented by Meg Patterson, a Scots surgeon, Neuro Electric Therapy (NET) has helped countless addicts through withdrawal and has a range of celebrity endorsements from Keith Richards to Boy George.

But Scotland’s new drugs minster Angela Constance, who has been tasked with reducing the country’s drugs death toll, the worst in Europe, last week cited research suggesting the therapy was “no more effective than a placebo”.

Her stance has infuriated campaigners who believe the research has been misrepresented and say ministers have given up on a therapy that could make a difference in breaking the devastating cycle of addiction and death.

Ms Constance and the government’s drugs taskforce are also accused of refusing to watch a documentary, narrated by Ewan McGregor, which details how treatment has helped addicts recover without taking substitute drugs such as methadone.

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