Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind – Movie Review

Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind – Movie Review

Published by WWNY on May 14th, 2020

Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind

*updated June 24 – there is a great new podcast – where the director of the movie is interviewed,- it is a perfect companion piece to the movie-

Find it here at Alamo Pictures

Original Review:

HBO documentary Film Review

The mysterious and tragic death of Natalie Wood happened almost forty years ago (November 1981) but for those of us who were alive, it is a huge part of our culture history. It has overshadowed her remarkable career as a critically acclaimed actress and Hollywood star of the 1950’s and 1960’s – three Oscar nominations before the age of 25 – with roles in some of Hollywood’s most iconic movies: Miracle on 34th StreetWest Side StoryRebel Without a Cause and Bob and Ted and Carol and Alice. Furthermore, tabloids, gossipmongers, journalists, and even The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department cannot seem to let Natalie rest in peace. The cause of her death was changed from an accident to “unknown” in 2011 when the captain of her and her husband’s private yacht, the Splendor wrote and published his own book implicating Natalie’s husband, movie star Robert Wagner with foul play in her death.

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