Robin’s Wish: Documentary Explores Robin Williams’ Last Days

Robin’s Wish: Documentary Explores Robin Williams’ Last Days

Published on on November 27th, 2020

The tragic 2014 death of beloved comedian and actor Robin Williams was felt deeply by fans the world over. Documentary film Robin’s Wish explores Williams’ struggle with Lewy Body Dementia, which was only diagnosed after his death. 

Tylor Norwood’s recently-released documentary Robin’s Wish aims to set the record straight about the last days of beloved comedian and actor Robin Williams. Considering he was struggling with the unseen enemy known as Lewy Body Dementia–a disease which affects around 100,000 people throughout the UK–doctors have questioned how he had still been able to walk, let alone fulfil his acting duties all the way to the end. Perhaps it was only the exceptional brain of a genius that helped him fight the graveness of this neurological disease.

If fans felt that the Robin Williams they had known and loved was not the man portrayed by the media at the time of his death, they would be correct. He is now being returned to them, courtesy of filmmaker Tylor Norwood and those closest to the actor, who “no longer felt loyal to be silent about it, but more loyal to share.” In the latest episode of the Factual America podcast, host Matthew Sherwood talks with the director about the key messages of the movie, and its takeaways for dealing with mental health-altering diseases. .

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