Benefits of IDA Membership

Benefits of IDA Membership

The IDA is an NGO dedicated to helping documentary filmmakers and others to thrive within the industry. One such avenue is through a system of memberships. Becoming a member serves two main purposes: to support the association itself, while gaining perks regardless of one’s role in the industry. A member need not be a filmmaker, but merely an enthusiast for the genre.

Documentary Magazine

Documentary Magazine is a publication issued by the IDA, dedicated to all things documentary-related. It features news from the industry, upcoming activities from the Association and thoughtful discussions on latest works in the genre. The magazine is sold for $5 a copy, or $45 for a yearly subscription. The publication is free to members of the IDA.

Doc U Seminars Online

IDA also hosts university courses dedicated to documentary filmmaking, run by industry experts and covering a range of practical topics. Seminars are available online, and are hosted on the IDA website. They can be purchased individually, and IDA members have the right to access them for free. This is an especially vital resource for young filmmakers.

Member Directory

It’s often said that in the movie business, who you know is as crucial as what you know. This is true in the world of documentary filmmaking, as well. IDA assists in this area, with a complete member director including biographies and contact information. It’s a useful tool for finding project managers and experts in all matters of filmmaking. The directory is available for free to IDA members.

IDA Events

IDA organizes a variety of different events throughout the year. IDA members receive a discount on tickets, and in some cases even free event admission. The two most-frequented events are DocuDay and the IDA Documentary Awards: a prominent event for documentary films and filmmakers.

Educational Programs

There are many educational programs set up by IDA, providing help from experts in the field. Courses are discounted for IDA members who enter into these programs. The seminars are organized year-round, and come in a variety of forms ranging from panels and workshops to traditional classes. Topics cover the artistic side of the industry as well as business ventures, as both are equally important.

IDA Fiscal Sponsorship

IDA Fiscal Sponsorship one of the IDA’s oldest projects. It aims to help fund projects in the documentary genre, at all stages of production. This is accomplished via tax incentives and donations to the IDA. The Association is tax-exempt, registered as a nonprofit organization. Therefore, all money donated is able to go directly towards programs sponsored by the IDA, and donors receive a tax deduction in the amount of their contributions.


IDA is a nonprofit NGO that helps documentary film makers. Becoming a member could aid your own career, or simply provide a chance to be involved with the industry you love.