‘Cloud Atlas’ Producer Named UK’s Production Guild chair

‘Cloud Atlas’ Producer Named UK’s Production Guild chair

Alex Boden, most well-known for his work on Cloud Atlas, will take on a new role as the chair of the Production Guild of the UK. This was announced by the Production Guild, and Boden himself later issued a statement on this latest development in his career.

Staffing Decisions

Additional staffing changes have been made, outlining new leadership of the Production Guild. These changes include the appointment of Debbie Vertue from Hartswood Films as Chief Operating Officer. She will serve as the Vice Chair, alongside Eon Productions’ Andrew Noakes. Together they will replace Kevin Trehy, who will be stepping down from the board altogether. Boden, Noakes and Vertue will sit on the executive committee alongside Treasurer Natalie Moore.

Alex Boden

Alex Boden is a TV and film producer most well-known for his work in Cloud Atlas: a sci-fi movie based on the award-winning book of the same name. He is also the founder and director of his own production company called Pistachio Pictures. He’s currently producing an upcoming Netflix series called Cursed: a re-imagining of a classic King Arthur legend.

Production Guild

The Production Guild consists of professional organizations working in the UK’s field of production. Like any other professional organization, the Guild works in providing lobbying, training and public representation for those who work in the film industry. Lately, the guild is focused on helping minority communities to find their place in the industry as well.

The Guild currently sits at around 1,000 members, after a 20-year run. The guild also offers partnerships to numerous production, streaming and publishing organizations. At this point production guild has 1000 members and it’s been around for the last 20 years.


In a statement, Boden described himself as: “…delighted to take on the role at a time when production levels are consistently rising.”  He added: “More crew are seeking the advocacy, training and networking support that the guild offers, and it’s more important than ever that we enable them to do their best work whilst championing their expertise behind the scenes.”

Production Guild chief executive Alison Small hailed Boden’s extensive industry knowledge across both European and US studio production.

Jo Evans

Another addition to the Guild’s Board of Directors will be Jo Evans: a producer of wide range of television dramas. Evans is a production executive at Tiger Apsect Drama and Fifty Fathoms, with experience as a freelance producer that granted him special insight into the world of independent producers not affiliated with a specific company.


The changes have caused quite a shakeup at the production guild, but will likely be for the best.