Educational Opportunities for Young Filmmakers

Educational Opportunities for Young Filmmakers

It is essential that young filmmakers have a chance to learn about the craft. The industry relies on new, fresh authors to remain relevant, and also to become more diverse. Educational opportunities help bridge the gap between the old generation and the new, allowing more diverse creatives to find their way into the field.

Asheville School of Film Youth Summer Filmmaking Experience

The camp is based in Asheville, NC with an enrollment fee of $500. The course is for teens ages 13-19, and operates in three different rotations over a two-week period from Monday through Friday. Students will receive lessons on the filmmaking process, along with additional job opportunities.

Students will script, direct and film a short movie of up to seven minutes in length, giving them a small taste of the complete filmmaking process. The films will then be shown on a big screen.

Austin Film School’s Youth Programs

This summer camp comes in two different forms: half-days for a fee of $395, or full days for $670. The camp is organized by the Center for Youth Cinema, in collaboration with Austin Film School. Classes accept children ages 10-19. Class sizes are small and intimate, allowing professors to work individually with students to uncover their individual strengths. Students will learn about screenwriting, visualization, developing narrative, and the full scale process of production and post-production.

Cherry Street Films – Teen Summer Filmmaking Camp

This filmmaking camp is held in Seattle and Kirkland, with an admission fee of $350 per child. It focuses on teens and preteens, with the philosophy that every child has a story to tell. The program teaches children to tell their stories, along with the societal impact of documentary films at large. Lessons guide participants through the filmmaking process, from writing to post-production.

Denver Film Society’s Young Filmmakers Workshop

Denver Film Society offers a workshop for young filmmakers, with a $800 admission fee. The workshop is open to children ages 12-18, offering the chance to learn about the art of cinema as well as behind-the-scenes managerial work. Films produced at the workshop will later premiere at a local theater. The camp concludes with a small red-carpet event, giving kids a small dose of the glamourous side of the industry.

Film Intensive

The Film Intensive workshop is held in San Francisco, California with an admission fee of $1,000 per student. Its program is broad, accommodating children from late middle school through college. The program also accepts adults who wish to teach about filmmaking. The workshop takes 9 months to complete, including theoretic lectures about movie making and film history. It goes into details on how to write, direct, and produce documentary films. During the course of the workshop, each student will produce two short films.

Fresh Films

Fresh Films is a free educational project helping young filmmakers to experience an actual film set. The program is open to kids ages 12-18. Students work to produce a film together, following the process from start to finish. The film is treated as any other high-end movie project, receiving a flash premiere and the chance to be awarded an Emmy alongside professionally-made films.


There are plenty of opportunities for young people to receive an education in film making. These opportunities work in the long-run to bridge the gaps of gender, race and class that remain all-too prevalent in the industry.