Gary Oldman to Lead Apple TV’s First UK Drama Series

Gary Oldman to Lead Apple TV’s First UK Drama Series

Apple is in the process of procuring IP for its new streaming service: Apple TV+. Recent news reveals that the streaming platform is now branching out to incorporate UK dramas. Gary Oldman will lead the platform’s first UK drama series, entitled Slow Horses and Apple.

The Series

Slow Horses is a drama about a team of British spies working for the lower end of MI5. Their department is created to hide and protect those agents who have made some major mistake on the job, effectively ending their careers. The story’s protagonist, Jackson Lamb, will be played by Oldman. The series is based on a book of the same name, written by Mick Herron.

The Team

Apple has quietly amassed a team of top-notch producers, writers and directors to head the new streaming company, and the results are evident here. Will Smith will pen the script, and the series will be produced by Graham Yost, Jamie Laurenson, Haken Kousetta, Iain Canning, Emile Sherman, gail Mutrux and Douglas Urbanski.

Worldwide Video

Apple holds a section of their company called Worldwide Video, dedicated to locating new types of IP. The department is run by Zack Van Amburg, and its European branch will be headed by Jay Hunt. Slow Horses was acquired by their team, in cooperation with the UK company See Saw Films.

Star Power

The most broad appeal of the show will be its star power, particularly in the case of the leading role. Gary Oldman is popular with viewers and well-respected within the industry. He is an Oscar-winner, for his role of Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour.

Apple TV +

The streaming wars have been ablaze for some time now, with Apple on the front lines. Netflix remains the main player, standing strong against competitors such as Disney+. Apple’s mainstream technology will certainly work in their favor, however.

British Dramas

British dramas have a special place in the world of international IP and streaming content. They are quite popular both in the UK and abroad. British drama series The Crown was Netflix’s most successful series ever to be produced. The UK holds a prominent role in world culture, so it’s natural their shows would appeal to viewers across the globe.