How IDA is Adapting to COVID-19

How IDA is Adapting to COVID-19

The International Documentary Association is one of the industry’s most important organizations, and has helped countless creatives find their place within the field. In the age of COVID-19, IDA is finding new and innovative ways to be there for their creatives during this difficult time. From economic restructuring to infrastructural support, the IDA is committed to staying in touch with their members during a time when we all must stay apart.

Organization and Advocacy

One of the IDA’s key roles is to reach out to documentary filmmakers on every level. In regards to the pandemic, the IDA plans to collect resources and stay in touch with filmmakers in order to get a better idea of which parts of the industry are most in need of advocacy at this time.

Online Outreach

IDA also provides a variety of services, along with access to numerous events. These events are often educational in nature, offering instruction on business opportunities and allowing associates to mingle and network. Such events are crucial to the film industry, but in the age of COVID must be conducted through virtual means alone. The IDA is making an effort to convert to online spaces as much as possible, continuing to offer events that do not require physical attendance to be effective.


No online experience can truly replace a conference, but safety must take top priority in these difficult times. All conferences planned for this year are being moved to 2021. At this point, conferences are set to resume in May of 2021, but this date is subject to change as the COVID situation continues to evolve.

A New Hire

Prior to the COVID crisis, the IDA had just announced a new hire to their organizational staff. Award-winning filmmaker Maggie Bowman is set to lead the programming team for Getting Real. Plans are still in place for Bowman to assume leadership of the program. She will be working with the entire team to bring the values and vision of the IDA to its customers and associates during this challenging time. IDA recently issued a statement that reads as follows:

“We look forward to sharing space (albeit virtual) and conversations with all of you in the coming weeks and months as we learn to navigate these evolving waters together. We are starting this process by listening to you.”


The IDA will continue to find new and creative ways to support the industry in the face of our “new normal”. In addition to the utilization of online virtual technology, the IDA will continue to advocate for its members, providing classes and promotional opportunities on a virtual platform.