How to Support IDA

How to Support IDA

Whether you are a professional in the documentary film industry or merely one who’s passionate about documentary films, you should make an effort to support IDA. The International Documentary Association is one of the industry’s most important and useful organizations. There are many ways to lend support, regardless of how much money you can offer or your standing in the industry. Sometimes, simply spreading awareness is most helpful of all. 


The simplest way to support IDA is to offer a monetary donation. This allows IDA to continue its current programs, and launch new ones as well. However, giving money does not offer the chance to be involved with those programs on a personal level, which many find to be most satisfying. It is important to note that the IDA is registered as a tax-deductible charity: meaning the amount you donate will be deducted from your yearly taxes. You’ll need to provide proof of donation to receive these benefits from the IRS. 


If you are working on projects that are publicly oriented and socially-minded, you already have a channel through which to support the work of IDA. Simply advertising their work from your platform will help spread awareness of the projects and classes IDA offers. This can be done as simply as providing an IDA link on your website. It can help to explain your relationship with the organization, detailing how their work has helped your creative process. This is often what draws younger creators to their educational programs. 


Almost all programs and events organized by IDA require volunteers. Offering yourself for volunteer work is quite rewarding, and you’ll be able to see first-hand how your work affects the organization. It is also a teaching opportunity, as you’ll garner real working experience alongside filmmakers and industry insiders. Such a thing can be invaluable for the long-term, as you branch out and explore your own career. 


IDA events play a key role in the industry, for individuals as well as organizations. Contributing to much-needed funds or offering aid in organizing and promoting the event are helpful ways to support the IDA. There’s much to do in setting up a big event, and you’ll gain the chance to meet those within the industry, establishing personal relationships with them. 


A major aspect of IDA’s work is their magazine, relating to all things in the world of documentaries. The publication exists for industry insiders, as well as aspiring filmmakers. It covers the art of making movies, as well as the business side of the industry. If you have the ability and know-how, writing pieces for the magazine will give you a chance to make a name for yourself in the industry, while learning more about it from other points of view. 


Like any industry, film is heavily reliant upon governmental actions and regulations. This is due to the use of copyrighted material, subjecting it to related legislation. Naturally, other regulations concerning finance and work also affect the movie business. If qualified, working on legal matters is one of the most crucial things you can do for the IDA. 


IDA is a vital organization within the film community, and you should try to support it if possible. Your options for support are quite diverse, and even the smallest gesture makes an impact.