5 Travel Documentaries to Stream on Netflix This Summer

5 Travel Documentaries to Stream on Netflix This Summer

As summer settles in and pandemic restrictions continue to ease, many are eager to hit the open road. Whether you’re in need of ideas for that long-awaited journey or simply crave the spirit of adventure, here are five great travel documentaries you can stream on Netflix today.

Pedal the World

Pedal the World takes viewers on a globetrotting adventure across 22 countries, over the course of a full year packed with discovery. The film was directed by Felix Starck: a German-born filmmaker and producer known for works such as It’s For Your Own Good (2020) and Limbo (2020). With a runtime of ninety minutes, Pedal the World follows Starck on his quest to cycle more than 18,000 kilometers across 22 different countries, all over the course of a single year.

While many travelers have challenged themselves with similar journeys, Starck insists that for him, the project was about documenting his own unique experience rather than breaking some sort of record. For those feeling a bit stir crazy, Starck’s round-the-world trek is a breath of fresh air.

Magical Andes

In this ongoing documentary series, Magical Andes studies one of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes from a wide range of angles. Sometimes referred to as the Andean Mountains, the Andes are the longest continental mountain range on earth: spanning across Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.

Created by Luis Ara and Alexandra Hardorf, the docu-series follows those who live and travel among the Andes Mountains, focusing on their unique experiences. With its grand landscapes and dreamlike shots, Magical Andes is the perfect binge watch for any nature lover.

Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father

Produced by Tiger Aspect  and created by comedian and writer Jack Whitehall, Travels With My Father follows the misadventures of father and son duo Michael and Jack Whitehall as they traverse across South East Asia, Eastern Europe, Australia and the American West. The series is currently ongoing, with four seasons streaming and a fifth planned for release in 2021.

In addition to highlighting phenomenal destinations, the series provides plenty of laughs as the laidback and humorous Jack collides with his straight-laced, no-nonsense father. Melding crazy adventures with strong family bonds, Travels With My Father is a must-watch feel good pick.

Dark Tourist

Like most industries, tourism has its dark side. Produced by journalist David Farrier, Dark Tourist is an eight-episode docuseries which tackles the more sinister of the world’s destinations. From exorcisms in Santa Meurte to the abandoned remains of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the series fulfills morbid curiosity in ways few travel documentaries have. The series is produced by Razor Films and Fumes in collaboration with Netflix, with a total of eight episodes currently available for streaming.

Our Planet

The celebrated winner of two Emmy Awards, Our Planet is the inaugural nature documentary to be produced by the Netflix platform. While the genre is more nature than travel, Our Planet is quick to instill a deep sense of appreciation for every corner of the globe. Produced by Silverback Films and narrated by David Atenborough, the film has been hailed for its breathtaking and at times alarming depictions of climate change and its impact on the earth. In the span of eight episodes, Our Planet draws focus to the diversity of the earth in its landscapes and creatures, inspiring viewers to travel the world and protect it, as well.


Which travel documentary is your favorite, and where would you most like to visit? Let us know in the comments!