Documentaries about conspiracy theories to watch right now

This is the perfect time to make such a list and to go down it and watch movies about this silly but often intriguing topic. Conspiracy theories have been with us for centuries and they play a specific role in the public mind.

They show a mistrust in the institutions and the public narratives and it ranges from silly and funny in its delusion up to being rather dangerous and damaging to the public discourse. Our list takes into account the most common but also some that are out there.

The family

The family is a Netflix documentary series about the conspiracy conducted by The Fellowship, originally led by Doug Coe, who set out to turn American politics towards fundamentalist evangelicalism through the backdoors of Washington, DC.

What makes the documentary fascinating is that it quickly shows that the Fellowship wasn’t really about the strange religious beliefs but about getting the political and financial power that will come with this shift within the US politics. This time the conspiracy is real and that’s what makes the film so chilling.

Bob Lazar:  Area 51 and Flying Saucers

Bob Lazar is a famous person if you’re into UFO conspiracies and someone you never heard of if you aren’t. He’s a former scientist that actually worked in the famous Area 51. His work was allegedly about using alien technology that exists there for the purposes of the military mostly through reverse engineering.

What make it interesting is that some of his claims have been proved (for instance that the government has crated so called isotope 151). He’s also an engaging figure and someone you can grow to like even though the whole premise seems ridiculous.

Behind the curve

Behind the curve takes a look at those conspiracy theorists who believe that the Earth is flat. Documentaries taking in this subject can have a few different approaches and that is what determines how they will be received. This one takes a very tongue in cheek approach and are seemingly serious about the premise.

It’s a frustrating film since those who are its main subject simply don’t react to evidence or the tests that they themselves propose and they keep believing in the conspiracy no matter what. After a while, it becomes evident that they would never actually change their mind.

Untold history of the United States

This isn’t really a conspiracy but a look at the American history that takes a look at the events with a particular outlook and an ideological approach. It’s made by the Oliver Stone who has always taken a contrarian approach on the political issues of our time.

It has 12 episodes and it looks at the episodes of the national history from WW2 to George W Bush mostly focusing on the continuation of the pro war policy in different eras and under different circumstances. Obviously, the series was also widely critical.


There are countless documentaries out there about the potential existence of aliens. This one is different from them because it doesn’t focus on the topics that you’ve made have had in mind, but about the role of the governments in manipulating the public on these matters.

When you’re done watching the film you may not believe that there are aliens but you’ll be less likely to believe the governments and their narrative on the issue. Sometimes all you need is a film that will make you go “hmm “and not actually convince you.

Gray state

The gray state is a documentary made by Erik Nelson and Werner Herzog who have already worked together to produce the Grizzly Man with Nelson producing Herzog’s directing. Here the roles are reversed.

The film is about the filmmaker David Crowley’s untimely death by apparent suicide in his Minnesota home. Crowley’s was a libertarian filmmaker who worked on a film about how the US is becoming a police state and one that’s too close with the foreign dictatorships. His date in the middle of such work obviously caused further conspiracies to be created and spread.

America’s Book of Secrets

In the end, this Netflix documentary series is about the conspiracy theories in general. Each episode is an introductory chapter in one of the most popular conspiracy theories. The film takes each of the claims somewhat seriously and allows those who believe in them to present their case.

It’s a good way to get hooked on the subjects and to find other sources that will take you deeper into the matter. At least some of them will spark your interest and you’ll end up looking for another film on the subject soon.


Have in mind that this list is there for entertainment only and to be responsible when looking for information sources online.

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