6 Conspiracy Documentaries You Should Watch

6 Conspiracy Documentaries You Should Watch

Conspiracy theories have been with us for centuries, forever occupying a specific corner of the public consciousness. They highlight a mistrust in institutions and the public narratives they weave, ranging from silly and laughable to undeniably dark, and damaging to our public discourse.

Read on to discover 6 conspiracy documentaries you should definitely check out.

The Family

The Family is a Netflix documentary series about the conspiracy surrounding The Fellowship: a group led by Doug Coe which set out to turn American politics down the path of fundamentalist evangelicalism through the backdoors of Washington, DC.

What makes this film truly fascinating is its swift reveal of how normal the Fellowship appeared at face value. Their fundamental beliefs were not all that strange on the surface–their threat lay in their desire to affect political and financial powers within the United States government. In this case, the conspiracy is quite real, and that’s what makes this film so chilling.

Bob Lazar:  Area 51 and Flying Saucers

Bob Lazar is a well-known figure in the world of UFO conspiracies: a former scientist who once worked inside the infamous Area 51 compound. His work allegedly involved the use of alien technology to enhance military capabilities, mostly by means of reverse engineering.

Interestingly, some of his claims have in fact been proved–for instance, the government’s creation of the so-called Isotope 151. He is an engaging figure, one you can quickly grow to like even if the premise of his work seems far-fetched.

Behind the Curve

Behind the Curve seeks to examine the minds of flat-earthers: those who believe the planet Earth is flat. Documentaries tackling this subject range in their approach–this one in particular is very tongue-in-cheek. It is a frustrating watch, as the theorists in question refuse to acknowledge the evidence that is stacked against them. After awhile, it becomes evident that no amount of science will ever truly change their minds.

Untold History of the United States

This isn’t really a conspiracy, but rather a look at American History with a specific, ideological approach. The film is produced by Oliver Stone, who is known for his contrarian approach to the political issues of our time.

The series consists of 12 episodes, covering historical events from WW2 to the presidency of George W. Bush, with a focus on the pro-war policy of different eras. The documentary is largely critical of its subjects, making for a very thought-provoking watch.


There are countless documentaries available concerning the potential existence of aliens. Unlike most, however, Unacknowledged focuses on the role of the government in manipulating the public on these matters. By the film’s conclusion, you’ll be far less likely to believe the world’s governments and their narratives on this issue.

America’s Book of Secrets

In the end, this Netflix documentary series is about the concept of conspiracy theories in general. Each episode is an introductory chapter into one of the world’s most popular conspiracy theories. The film takes each of the claims somewhat seriously, allowing those who believe in them a fair chance to present their case.

It’s a great crash course into the world of conspiracy theories, with the potential to spark your interest and lead to further research.


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