6 of the Best Documentaries On Disney Plus

6 of the Best Documentaries On Disney Plus

For some time now, the world of streaming has been largely centered on Netflix, but many other services are expanding their horizons to offer stiff competition. Disney+ is one service aiming to do just that. The platform is already home to many great documentaries, a few of which we’ve listed here today.

Empire of Dreams

There are many documentaries on the making of Star Wars, but Empire of Dreams is arguably one of the best. Originally a DVD commentary on the prequel trilogy of 2004, it features more than two and a half hours of behind the scenes footage, along with exclusive interviews from the cast. Veteran fans may have already come across this feature, but for newer fans it’s the chance to catch a fresh look into the world of Star Wars.

Waking Sleeping Beauty

The “Disney Renaissance” is the term used for the period in which Disney films regained staggering popularity through their animated feature films. The period is the source of nostalgia for most, and has sparked a wave of live-action remakes in recent years.

Waking Sleeping Beauty focuses on the creative forces behind the Disney Renaissance, as creatives from the late 80s and early 90s discuss their work on films such as The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King. The movie features archive footage and behind-the-scenes shots of these classics, during production.

Assembling a Universe

Assembling a Universe is about Marvel and the work on creating The Avengers. The movie came out in 2014 and it’s best paired with 2019’s Expanding the Universe.  Those two film showcase the phenomenon of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

African cats

Disney Nature is an often-forgotten part of the company, but Disney’s new streaming service seeks to change that. African Cats is perhaps one of Disney Nature’s best films, following two families of wildcats throughout their home on a nature reserve in Kenya.

Frank and Ollie

Frank and Ollie is a 1995 documentary following Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson: two legendary animators who worked alongside Walt Disney. Their work can be found in some of Disney’s most beloved classics, including Snow White and The Fox and the Hound. The two artists talk at length about the original nine creators that crafted Disney into what it is today. A charming, fascinating watch for any Disney fan.

Diana: In Her Own Words

Lady Diana Spencer was one of the most beloved public figures of our lifetime, and her story still intrigues millions. This film showcases the story of her life through clips from her own interviews and discussions. Some of the interviews used in the film were made during the separation from Prince Charles. The documentary was produced in 2004 and sparked quite a bit of controversy at the time, as it revealed Lady Diana in ways never before seen.


Which of these Disney documentary movies do you plan to see first, and why?