Top 6 Programs about the Royal Family to Stream Right Now

Top 6 Programs about the Royal Family to Stream Right Now

The royal family draws more attention to itself than any other facet of UK culture, and the monarchy has inspired many artists over the years. Read on to discover 6 great programs to immerse yourself in the world of British royalty.

The Crown

The Crown takes the throne as Netflix’s most expensive series to date. No detail was spared, from shooting locations to the period costumes, this film was produced with amazing detail and attention to authenticity. The series boasts a great script as well, performed by A-list actors.

The Crown follows the life of Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth, from her ascension to the throne to the present day. The cast will change to reflect the full span of Her Majesty’s reign. There are currently two seasons available for streaming, with a third set to release next year.

A Royal Night Out

Much of the royal family’s charm stems from how unremarkable their lives would be if not for their royalty. This show leans in to that fact. The series focuses on the Queen prior to her ascension, as she and Princess Margaret celebrate VE day and try to evade the duties and customs of the royals. The show is set within those 24 hours at the end of WW2.

The Royals

If you prefer your viewings about the UK Royal family to be more informative and historically accurate, The Royals is the series for you. It follows the lives of the royal family throughout the public events that have marked their lives. The series begins with the Queen’s coronation and spans all the way to the birth of Prince George.

The Royal House of Windsor

This documentary was produced by BBC 4, and is billed as a snapshot into the lives of the royal family. It explores a century in the history of the royal dynasty: from the outbreak of WW1 to the present day. The series also uses newer source material, providing a look into the correspondences of the family during the wars. The Royal House relies on archive footage to provide a more realistic view of the family.

Diana In Her Own Words

Few royals of UK history were as beloved by commoners as Lady Diana Spencer. The Princess still attracts great attention, even twenty years after her death. This series is another produced by BBC 4. The selling point of the series is the use of tapes made by the Princess during her work with a vocal coach. The tapes highlight Diana’s experience as a royal under the public’s eye, and what such a life was like during that time.

The Windsors

Most of today’s list is quite serious in nature, but The Windsors opts for the opposite approach. This series is a satire, taking on the absurdity of monarchy as a concept, and the British monarchy in particular. The Windsors is produced by the team behind Star Stories.


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