Building Trump’s Border Wall in Texas

Building Trump’s Border Wall in Texas


In The River and the Wall (2019), a group of modern-day adventurers led by filmmaker Ben Masters sets out on a 1,200-mile journey along the Texas-Mexico border to understand the economic, environmental and social impact of President Donald Trump’s border wall.

They not only encounter a land of soaring vistas, outstanding natural beauty and unrivaled ruggedness but also discover something about themselves and the immigrant experience.

In this episode we are joined by Sebastian Sauerborn, German entrepreneur, founder of Alamo Pictures and CEO of Mount Bonnell Advisors. Sebastian immigrated to Texas when he moved his business, and shares his experiences living and working there to discuss an issue that divides America but unites those who make their living along the Rio Grande river.

“Immigration was not a problem in Texas, these immigrants they are not on the public pocket. They have jobs, they work hard, they are needed, these jobs need to be done. So I think a very positive approach would be the right answer.” – Sebastian Sauerborn

Time Stamps:

01:02 – About the guest.
01:50 – The documentary we will be looking at today, The River and The Wall.
03:35 – What the film is about.
05:38 – A clip from the film, being on the wall.
08:14 – Analysing the clip and the characters within it.
10:27 – The problems that building a wall brings with it.
13:01 – How illegal immigration has been steadily declining, but is still seen as such a big issue. 16:23 – Sebastian’s experience with being an immigrant in the United States.
21:11 – The personal journeys of self discovery that are shown in the film.
24:02 – Another clip from the film, the wildness of the US/Mexico border.
27:12 – The beauty of the film, and its defiance of stereotypes.
29:32 – The seriousness of the issue, but how our focus should be redirected.


The River and The Wall (2019)
Alamo Pictures
Mount Bonnell Advisors

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