A Life on Our Planet: Sir David Attenborough’s Witness Statement

A Life on Our Planet: Sir David Attenborough’s Witness Statement

Sir David Attenborough is a broadcast legend. And probably no individual has seen more of the Earth’s wilderness in his illustrious nearly 70-year career. That makes him the perfect witness to the devastating changes afflicting our planet.

In David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet (2020), which premiered on Netflix, co-director Keith Scholey of Silverback Films and producer Colin Butfield of the World Wildlife Fund bring us Sir David’s witness statement. In the process, they also provide us with simple solutions to saving our planet before it is too late.

“The things that are happening to this world are unnecessary. Not getting out of the problem is unnecessary. So make sure that your voice is heard, so that we solve it.” – Keith Scholey

Time Stamps:

00:35 – David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet trailer.
02:50 – The film we are looking at today and who our guests are.
05:17 – The synopsis of A Life on Our Planet and who Sir David Attenborough is.
08:36 – First clip from the film: The Best Time of Our Lives.
12:30 – Why A Life On Our Planet has not been made earlier.
14:07 – Second clip from the film: Sir David Attenborough’s statement on biodiversity.
16:08 – What will happen if we do not preserve biodiversity.
20:26 – How A Life On Our Planet’s mission is connected with the Our Planet series on Netflix.
24:48 – Third clip from the film: Seeing the images of Earth from outer space for the first time.
27:17 – How people can engage without being scared into inaction.
34:04 – How the idea came about to create a retrospective of Sir David Attenborough’s life.
37:50 – What it was like working with Sir David Attenborough.
43:51 – How COVID-19 has affected the filming of David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet.
45:40 – The follow-up to this film and upcoming WWF global events related to saving the Earth.
48:15 – The lasting message of A Life on Our Planet.
51:51 – The opportunities arising from addressing climate change and preserving biodiversity.


David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet (2020)
Our Planet (2019)
Silverback Films
World Wildlife Fund
Steward Brand: America’s Last Great Optimist
Alamo Pictures

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