Deep in the Heart of Texas Wildlife

Deep in the Heart of Texas Wildlife

Deep in the Heart (2022) is a visually stunning portrait of Texas, told through the eyes of the wildlife species themselves. Narrated by Texas icon Matthew McConaughey and featuring state of the art cinematography, this documentary brings to life one of the world’s most diverse, but possibly lesser known set of ecosystems.

Similar in style to Planet Earth, the film shows off some of the most remarkable wildlife spectacles and eco regions in the state of Texas, weaving in the story of our society’s relationship with wildlife in Texas over the past 150 years.

Award winning filmmakers Ben Masters and Katy Baldock join us to celebrate the diverse landscapes and remarkable wildlife of the Lone Star State. Joining us as well to co-host this conversation is Patrick Scott Armstrong, host of The Lone Star Plate podcast, who interviews famous Texans and explores compelling Texas stories. 

Deep in the Heart has its Texas-wide theatre release on June 3rd, and will be available on streaming platforms in July 2022. 

“I learned a lot about my home state during the production of ‘Deep in the heart.’” – Ben Masters 

What is Covered:

00:00 – Guest introduction and Deep in the Heart Trailer. 
07:00 – Where people can see the film in Texas and when it will stream online. 
08:38 – What Deep in the Heart is about and how the idea for the film came about. 
15:50 – How the film crew managed to capture ocelots on camera and what other animals they filmed. 
26:30 – What message Ben and Katy want to get across to the audience with this film. 
32:30 – How they got Matthew McConaughey to narrate the documentary. 
37:05 – Cinematography in Deep in the Heart and the approach to filming the wildlife. 
44:00 – What Katy and Ben want the legacy of this film to be. 
50:30 – What actions are taken every day to preserve Texas waters and Texas wildlife. 
01:01:20 – Further plans for the outreach and film distribution. 
01:09:00 – The role of writing, narration and music in the documentary. 


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