Good Ol Girl: Cowgirls in Modern Ranching

When we think of Texas, we think of wide open spaces, ranches, rugged individualism, the Wild West, and invariably cowboys. But where do women fit into this mix?

In their film Good Ol Girl, Sarah Brennan Kolb and Kyle Kelley put this question into the context of present-day Texas. The film tells the stories of three young modern-day Texan cowgirls, and explores the role of women in cowboy culture.

Women are increasingly taking a larger role in the traditionally male dominated industry of ranching. As we found out, Texas is going to have to change if the legacy of the past is to be handed down to the next generation.

“I’ve always hoped that women would see themselves as heroes, and men would understand that women can be heroes.” – Sarah Brennan Kolb

Time Stamps:

06:30 – A brief synopsis of the documentary Good Ol Girl and when it will be premiered.
11:36 – The role women have historically had in Texas.
15:30 – How women are now treated in Texas.
17:59 – Our first clip, showing the unique conversation between a Texas rancher and her father.
21:46 – Who the protagonist Mandy is and how she embodies the ‘frontier women’ of Texas.
26:06 – Our second clip, where Mandy talks about her dream life and what it looks like.
27:35 – Lemoine’s choice: professional aspirations or carrying on her family’s ranching legacy.
30:36 – Our third clip, showing the importance ranchers put on keeping the ranch in the family.
32:30 – Martha’s story and her struggles with the rezoning of her land.
36:15 – How Sarah got in contact with Joyce and the importance she had to the film.
38:39 – What inspired Sarah to make this documentary.
42:15 – How Sarah met Mandy and got into the world of ranchers and cattlewomen.
44:55 – How Kyle got involved with the film.
46:43 – The dangers involved with filming on a ranch.
50:57 – The difficulties involved in portraying a rodeo in an impartial way.
53:36 – What ‘Documentary Western’ really means.
54:34 – How Covid has affected the way the film will be released.
57:23 – What Sarah hopes to achieve with this film.
1:01:33 – Kyle’s experience at the White House filming Donald Trump’s interview for HBO.
1:06:04 – How Sarah has seen Texas change over the last few years. 


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