Guy Clark: Texas Music Legend

Guy Clark: Texas Music Legend

Five years after the legendary Texas singer and songwriter Guy Clark passed away, his life and legacy is celebrated in a new documentary. Without Getting Killed or Caught brings Guy’s colourful life and career to the big screen. 

The film is the brainchild of Grammy award-winning music producer, award-winning author, and documentary filmmaker Tamara Saviano. She and her partner in life Paul Whitfield are the co-directors and co-producers.

The film looks at Guy Clark’s life as he struggles to write poetic songs, while balancing a complicated marriage with his wife Susanna. It is also a story of Guy’s friendship with another legendary Texas singer-songwriter, Townes Van Zandt, on whom Susanna forged a passionate dependence.

Tamara and Paul talk about what led them to make the documentary, how they gained access to Susanna’s diary and audio tapes, and which other films inspired them the most in their filmmaking. 

“They are so good at what they do, yet they remain so grounded and humble, and that attracts people to them.” – Tamara Saviano

Time Stamps:

00:14 – The trailer for Without Getting Killed or Caught.
03:44 – The premiere of the film at SXSW, and where else the film is being screened.
05:59 – Who Guy and Susanna Clark are.
07:47 – Guy’s resistance to being classed as an “outlaw”.
09:05 – Why Tamara and Paul decided to use Susanna as the narrator of the film.
10:13 – The relationship Townes Van Zandt had with Guy and Susanna.
14:05 – How Tamara gained possession of Susanna’s diaries and tapes.
17:24 – Why Townes didn’t fit into Nashville’s country music scene.
21:19 – The tension Susanna’s success caused to her marriage.
24:44 – The comeback Guy made and why he was arguably more successful than Townes.
27:20 – What “Americana” music is and how it’s different from country music.
28:54 – The challenging side of Guy’s personal life and how he dealt with the struggle.
31:27 – What the secret is to Guy’s “greatness”.
33:53 – The best albums to listen to if you want to get to know Guy’s music.
36:01 – How Tamara and Paul decided to approach making a documentary about Guy’s life.
40:08 – How they got Sissy Spacek to narrate the film.
44:06 – The different documentaries that inspired Paul and Tamara.
47:07 – How they managed to raise the funds on Kickstarter.
51:33 – What’s next for Paul and Tamara.


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