Murder Among the Mormons: The Mark Hofmann Story

Murder Among the Mormons: The Mark Hoffman Story - Factual America Podcast

Murder Among the Mormons (2021) is the new Netflix true-crime docuseries about Mark Hofmann, who is one of the most notable forgers in history. Hofmann created forgeries related to the Latter Day Saint movement, which led to fame and fortune. But the truth caught up with Hofmann one fateful day in 1985, as two innocent people lost their lives. 

We are joined by award-winning co-director and producer of Murder Among the Mormons, Tyler Measom. His previous work includes Leaving the Cult: Sons of Perdition (2010), An Honest Liar (2014) and Biography: I Want My MTV (2019). 

Tyler directed this docuseries with Jared Hess, who is best known for his films Napoleon Dynamite (2004), Nacho Libre (2006) and Gentlemen Broncos (2009).

Tyler talks about how he and Jared came to turn this story into a docuseries, as well as what they discovered about Mark Hoffman and the nature of belief. In the process we also learn about getting a film idea to the big screen.

 “The power he must have felt to create and change history, to alter what millions of people believe, and know and pray to every day – to have the power to change that in your basement is a remarkable feeling I suspect.” – Tyler Measom

Time Stamps:

05:38 – What the series Murder Among the Mormons is about.
08:19 – Why the story wasn’t heavily publicised at the time.
09:41 – How co-directors Tyler and Jared made the story so gripping.
11:20 – The boom period there was for collecting Mormon antiquities. 
13:04 – How Mark Hofmann was such a successful forger. 
16:02 – How Hofmann started his career in forging. 
20:56 – Why he went into a life of deceit.
25:33 – Why Tyler and Jared decided to make a documentary about Hofmann. 
30:42 – How a documentary goes from a brainstorming session to being on screen. 
36:36 – The way a docuseries format gives the filmmakers more freedom. 
37:49 – The willingness of people to be interviewed for the film. 
41:45 – How they knew the film would be so successful. 
45:59 – The reasons Mark conned Mormons. 
49:01 – How Tyler kept his own beliefs regarding Mormonism separate from the film. 
50:24 – What the film says about belief. 
51:36 – The next projects Tyler is working on.  


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