Crip Camp: Cradle for the Disability Rights Movement

Crip Camp: Cradle of the Disability Rights Movement

 In the 1970s Camp Jened was not just any old summer camp in the Catskills. Hippy values, the Grateful Dead and pot smoking shaped this utopia for teens with disabilities.   Before long, a generation of summer campers with disabilities became a...

Baywatch The Documentary

Baywatch: The American Dream

Baywatch, the iconic 1990s TV show that continues to influence pop culture, is the subject of a documentary being directed and produced by Matt Felker.

Natalie Wood: Cinema Icon

Natalie Wood: Cinema Icon

'Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind' (HBO; 2020), directed and produced by Laurent Bouzereau, explores the life and career of the iconic Hollywood actress.

The Hart Family Tragedy - Factual America

The Hart Family Tragedy

'A Thread of Deceit: The Hart Family Tragedy' tells the story behind the tragic murder-suicide and looks at the effects of social media on mental health.


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