They’re Trying to Kill Us: Diet, Poverty and Racism

They’re Trying to Kill Us: Diet, Poverty and Racism

In our final episode of Season One, we’re joined by John Lewis, aka Badass Vegan. John’s upcoming documentary, They’re Trying to Kill Us, touches on so many of the issues that we’ve looked at this year on the podcast – factory farming, race and Big Pharma, just to name a few – but this time through the unique lens of hip hop.

They’re Trying to Kill Us explores the connections between diet, poverty and systemic racism. As well as looking at veganism, we discuss Big Pharma and the link between mind and body. 

John’s life is literally the material for a great movie, as we found out recently when we joined John from his home in Wilmington, North Carolina.

“I don’t think we can wait for the governments and the rich to make a change. We have to make the change ourselves.” – John Lewis

Time Stamps:

03:25 – Who John is and the importance of his name.
05:40 – The issues we’re going to talk about today.
07:29 – How much of the project is left to film.
10:02 – How Keegan and John started working together.
12:05 – A brief synopsis of the film.
15:54 – Why John went vegan.
18:05 – The importance of not getting too stressed.
19:13 – John’s holistic approach towards health.
23:07 – Who John thinks should become vegan.
24:45 – The benefits of going vegan.
27:03 – The amount of land that is cleared to grow soybeans for animals.
29:03 – What John hopes to achieve with this documentary.
34:27 – How John got so many big names involved in the film.
39:45 – The way food cultures have been shaped by the rich.
44:44 – How people can help resolve some of these issues.
49:10 – What keeps John driven and motivated.
52:45 – The importance of self-love.
54:41 – How to connect with John online. 


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Eating Animals, Factory Farming and the Pandemic
Alamo Pictures
This Is Distorted

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First Spark Media

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