Your Host Matthew Sherwood

Matthew Sherwood - The Host of Factual America Podcast

America! Love it or loath it, whatever happens in the world’s lone superpower unarguably affects us all. But in this world of ‘fake news’ it is hard to know what to believe, especially about the US. It is no coincidence then that the last few years have seen the dawning of a golden age of documentary filmmaking. It’s that quest for truth in a post-truth world that Matthew Sherwood tries to curate every two weeks on the Factual America podcast.

A South Texan in King Arthur’s Court

As long as he can remember Matthew has had a passion for current events and American history. His parents tell him that as a precocious five-year-old he refused to go to bed until knowing who would win the nomination at the 1972 Democratic Convention. He does recall spending many an evening with his dad watching that paragon of truth, Walter Cronkite, and the CBS Evening News – was there really any other choice back then? Vivid images of the Vietnam War, the Middle East in turmoil and congressional impeachment hearings fill his head to this day. In some ways the world hasn’t changed all that much in 50 years!

A Texan born and bred, Matthew followed his passion for world affairs first to the East Coast – Washington, DC and Boston – and eventually to London to work for The Economist. There he served as lead North America editor for The Economist’s B2B publishing arm, covering such events as Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the 2006 mid-term elections. He was one of the first analysts to raise the alarm about the US housing market bubble and the implications for the global economy. He then took his expertise to the corporate world where he similarly advised clients on global trends in business, economics and politics.

Matthew draws on a wealth of experience writing for publications, interviewing world leaders, and chairing roundtables and conferences. Sought out for his expertise, he has been quoted in major newspapers – including The Economist and The New York Times – and has appeared on news media channels across the globe, such as the BBC, CBC, CNBC, CNN, ITV, NDTV, SkyNews and TV Globo.

The long and winding road to Alamo Pictures

After a stint as a CEO of an education non-profit, Matthew is again writing for publications and helping diverse audiences understand the global trends impacting on their lives. It’s his constant searching for truth that has naturally led him to documentaries and Alamo Pictures. Besides hosting and co-producing Factual America, he also is a development executive for Alamo. Combining a keen eye for a good story and a head for business, Matthew loves working with filmmakers, helping them to get film projects off the ground, financed and in front of the widest audiences possible.

Besides living in the US and UK, Matthew has studied in Estonia and Russia and worked in Prague. He now lives in the historic city of York in the north of England with his wife and four children. In addition to watching the latest documentaries, he does his best to keep up to date with his favourite American sports and connected to friends and family across the globe.